Friday, February 13, 2009

Extract from Part 4 - The Indian Bride Who Danced in Shackles

He had a little smile on his lips almost as though he felt sorry for her. “Don’t be afraid…there is nothing to be afraid of.” He touched her shoulders as she implored him through her eyes, tears of terror scalding down her face.

“Beautiful skin…beautiful face and a beautiful desirable woman, you are also clever and cunning, a very convincing liar, and know the right buttons to press to get what you want…which makes you a potentially lethal woman.” Overcome by shock and horror she found she couldn’t speak. He no longer bore the slightest resemblance to the man who had been entertaining her not long ago.

Instead in front of her now stood a complete different man, a menacing, dark, dangerous stranger with chilling eyes.

Slowly he pulled the blade from inside his zipped boots.

She knew he was going to kill her.

The damp smell of death.

Her heart beat was deafening. He pushed her roughly against her wall, his face wet. Tears or sweat? She couldn’t tell, her own face was drenched with both. The depth of her fear, pain and despair at fate’s timing was so immense that she completely lost the will to scream, speak or protest.

Without removing his eyes from her, he tapped the blade against her glass bangles till one by one they all broke and scattered down on the floor around her feet. She struggled to breathe as he then traced the blade over from her forehead and down to her bottom lips where it rested, before the tip lightly dug into her softness till she could faintly taste her own blood inside her mouth.

“The ripe sweetness from these luscious lips has been drunk by another man.” He lowered the knife in the middle of her cleavage where it once again stopped.

His eyes were ferial. “The fullness of these bosoms has been teased and tasted by another man.”

He rounded the knife around her belly button and her heart lurched, sweat tickled down from her face to her neck.

Oh God he was really going to kill her.

“Your delicious belly button stroked by another man.” The knife slid further over her thighs digging into her flesh dangerously.

“Another man has enjoyed the venom sweetness between your legs.”

At the pain in his words, her heart twitched then protested as unbearable agony tore through it. Her eyes beseeched him but in vain.

As though unable to bear her vision, he shut his eyes momentarily. Oh dear Lord his face was wet and the storm of agony etched in the depth of those eyes as they now bored deep into hers. He saw her pain, the terrible ache and desolation that she knew she had now lost him, steaming out from every feature on her face. His face softened and he touched her face very tenderly and then repulsed pushed her away and threw the knife aside. He put his arm on the wall and rested his face on it. There was no sound from him, she could only see his shoulders shake violently.

He was really crying.

“Kill me,” she begged, unable to bear his agony. Her eyes wild, her body shook with hiccups. “If you won’t forgive me…then kill me please!”

He wiped his face fiercely with his arm and swung around to face her.
“Death is too easy for you – I will give you a punishment which shall be death itself to you every single day of your life.”

She knew what was about to come. She fell in a heap at his feet sobbing hysterically.

“Don’t! Don’t say it! Don’t say those words!”

Copyright Raveena Khan 2008

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