Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A strange meeting

I was in love

insanely in love with another

blind to everyone and everything

around me

nothing mattered or made a difference

except for him

no man could compare to my love

until that night

when I met you

you took my breath right away….
All the while you spoke
I just stared at you ….

Unable to tear my gaze from the demonic incarnate of handsomeness

In front of my eyes
First time in my life I felt this way….
Like some naive, nervous teenager
confused, afraid and overpowered by a stranger

clad in black

Your eyes so disturbing
Your image still burns in my vision
What was it about you that totally

mesmerised me

Your perfect physique
..honey tan complexion
The color of your eyes…

that dark lock on your forehead

matched outside with darkness of the night

Your deep voice so sensual

That genuine slight smile playing often on your lips

Your concern for me deeply touched me
Your honesty


Or the fact that a stranger

Was going out of his way for me…

We both could feel the growing


Amidst everything

I reminded myself I belonged to another

Suddenly I was in a rush for our meeting to end

as these emotions were disturbing and alien to me

yet what was it about you

that I still can’t forget

The impression you have left behind
is so hard to forget
I wonder if I ever cross your mind

as every now and then I often think of that night
There is something about you…
This tells me
our paths are destined to cross again
you and me

shall meet once again….

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Indian Bride -- A clip on death

The shadows fear his presence

as he stands flawlessly created
the angel of death

His purpose?

To take your life away

no matter what you do or say

there is no avoiding him

he'll attend this appointment with you

whether you're sleep or awake

whether you’re in the middle

of an important business seminar

on the road

at work

in the house doing your daily chores

or in the arms of your beloved

No amount of bribes

nor that money you make

can tempt him from performing his daily duty

He won’t show you any mercy

when it's your time to go
You can’t turn back time then

delete any crimes you have done

its too late

The angel of death

will take us all
his mission

to bring back

every soul back to see

to see

who they were

to know they were seen

Seen in this world

for all their deeds

by the greatest of all

our Supreme Being

The angle of death you know not my fate

until my Lord commands

I be dead

My heart Allah

it feels your mercy

from every hardship came ease

I tell you I'm lonely

as I cry on my knees
I raise my hands up towards you my Lord

in a state of fear

I beg of you my Lord

lift me high before I fall
Let my appointment

with angle of death be sweet and of beauty

On my day

let kindness and mercy be his only duty