Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A strange meeting

I was in love

insanely in love with another

blind to everyone and everything

around me

nothing mattered or made a difference

except for him

no man could compare to my love

until that night

when I met you

you took my breath right away….
All the while you spoke
I just stared at you ….

Unable to tear my gaze from the demonic incarnate of handsomeness

In front of my eyes
First time in my life I felt this way….
Like some naive, nervous teenager
confused, afraid and overpowered by a stranger

clad in black

Your eyes so disturbing
Your image still burns in my vision
What was it about you that totally

mesmerised me

Your perfect physique
..honey tan complexion
The color of your eyes…

that dark lock on your forehead

matched outside with darkness of the night

Your deep voice so sensual

That genuine slight smile playing often on your lips

Your concern for me deeply touched me
Your honesty


Or the fact that a stranger

Was going out of his way for me…

We both could feel the growing


Amidst everything

I reminded myself I belonged to another

Suddenly I was in a rush for our meeting to end

as these emotions were disturbing and alien to me

yet what was it about you

that I still can’t forget

The impression you have left behind
is so hard to forget
I wonder if I ever cross your mind

as every now and then I often think of that night
There is something about you…
This tells me
our paths are destined to cross again
you and me

shall meet once again….


Tauqeer said...

who is he!

Sonia said...

LIFE, this word is said too much and not appreciated enough. in this novel the characters portray the meaning of LIFE and how it controls itself and no matter how hard anyone tries they will never be able to control their life and the twists and turns it takes. Rahaat is the most intriguing Pahlavi after his father the Great Raza Khan Pahlavi himself. Rahaat is a smart and intelligent man like his father but he has his mothers heart of gold. he has become my favourite character towards the ending and i don't like his wife’s name! Please i dont care if it is Naushaba or Zahida or Salma but not ASMA it reminds me of ASTHMA! i absolutely lovd the ending and i cried :$ this novel will win gr8 acclaim one day Insha-Allah.

fauzia. said...

The Indian Bride. What can I say? From the minute i started this book, to the minute i finished, i was glued to my computer screen. My eyes would trace over every word over and over just so i could assure myself, that i haven't missed anything. My head would be full of a million thoughts, trying to imagine, what could possibly happen next. From the moment i started reading The Indian Bride, i could not help but imagine, how someone could possibly write in such a beautiful way, that can leave a person absolutely gripped and baffled to the last word. The Indian Bride has been written in such an exquisite manner, that the writer should be more than just proud of her work. The style of writing used in The Indian Bride, the way every scene is described in a way that every word leaves frustrating feeling inside you, just making you want to rip the screen part, and jump into the book yourself.

Every character, from the gorgeous heart-throb Raveena, to ultimate heart breaker – heart throb Raza, to the humble and oh-so charming Sam, have all been described and portrayed in this book in such a way, that when you finally end it, you feel as if these three people have all of a sudden been snatched out of your life, as if someone has just ripped a part out of your soul. The passion, love and hatred described between every character in this book just couldn't have been written any better. Every word of passion, enlightened you with such a sensation, it would leave you wondering, how anyone can write something so passionate and raw yet.

Every word of love in this book just makes you want to reach inside of yourself and pull your heart apart. Every word of love just left you breathless and weak to tips of your fingers. This book is so heart-wrenching but still keeps you alive. Hatred. The Indian Bride has not only shown me what hatred is, but has given me a wider and better definition than any dictionary can. Hate is so hard to describe, yet this book has shown certainly no difficulty in doing so. Every word of hate left a cringe inside of you that you could not get rid of, until another word of love was spoken.

The Indian Bride has taken me, my mind, my body and my soul through the longest, roughest, love-filled journey of my life. It has taken me through so many emotional roller coasters, taking me up high and bringing me back down low. The book threw my mind from side to side, left it cooking, left it cold and sometimes even left it in such a condition that only the book itself could help repair it. Everything in this world receives some sort of criticism. But no. Not this book. Not The Indian Bride.

There is absolutely nothing in this book that you could possibly say is even close to being criticized. From the first capital letter to the last full stop. Nothing, and i repeat once again, absolutely nothing can criticized about The Indian Bride. My hands shook and i grew more and more anxious as I knew I was getting closer to the end. The end of the one book that brought so much excitement, thrill, passion that it left me hanging to the last word. Reading The Indian Bride, is not only a book a person reads once, but is a book one can read over and over and over again, and still be left feeling the same way they did reading it the first time. The writer, what can i say, she has left me speechless. I believe i have never, in my entire life so far, ever read such well written book. Every scene was described with such intense phrasing it left you wanting more and more. The writer has done a MAGNIFICENT JOB. No words in this world can describe how i feel towards her. She has absolutely out done herself. The Indian Bride. The best book ever. The book no one can just simply look at and put down.

Tina said...

thank u fauzia (muah :D) ur prespective of The Indian Bride - is excatly wot i had aimed for when I sat to write this book..a few of those who have read the completed book echo your sentiments...m determined for the bk to see the light of the day no matter how long it takes! minwhile m writing more!

Sonia said...

WOW @_@ wat a poem...
takes u into this world of emotions!!!
Well Done
something truely OUTSTANDING!