Saturday, July 26, 2008

Essence of The Indian Bride - who danced in Shackles

Betrayal is a conspiracy

I feel nothing but all dead inside

You've already lost my trust

Destroyed my faith in you thus all my feelings are gone

Whenever the shadows of times cast its

darkness around me

It's like repeatedly stabbed by a knife

your razor sharp lies still cuts like a double edge sword

deep into my soul
your betrayal

pushed me to the edge

How could you?

And if I do answer that incessant ringing in my soul

would the old wounds disappear?

can I ever bring myself to trust you again?

I find I remind myself again and again

that betrayal is a conspiracy

And then in the darkness once more I hear you cry out my name

its like an echo which slowly fades into the night

an eerie doleful resonance

But is that really you I hear

Or is that yet just another figment of my imagination

Betrayal is indeed a conspiracy

You are good as dead for me now!

Copyright Raveena Khan 2008


υηєтнι¢αℓ вєgιηgιηg said... n betryal..same ol crap...nice poem tho!

Tauqeer said...

nice nice

adorahkhawab said...


nice poem though.....i hope n pray no one would've to go through this pain

nice blog :D